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[icon] our mission Zyclos promotes and empowers collaborative professional freelancing services across a variety of industries.
[icon] our vision Zyclos transforms freelancing into the profession of the 21st century as it enables organizations to accomplish complex projects in conjunction with Certified Professional Freelancers.
[icon] our values Responsibility
[icon] our story According to various studies, more than three-quarters of large businesses will be using flexible workforces in the not-to-distant future. In fact, they estimate that half of the workforce in the U.S. alone will be made up by freelancers by the year 2020.

The current online infrastructure for freelancers serves an old world of solo operators offering their skills to small companies. Zyclos recognizes that the new world of freelancing is far more sophisticated as major corporations are turning to freelancers as a primary resource to spur innovation and execute complex projects.

This means that companies need an easy-to-use platform that provides access to these types of individuals, which is where the idea of Zyclos was born.

Dave OshCo-founded by Dave Osh, an entrepreneur and multinational corporate leader, Zyclos offers a truly innovative and completely comprehensive platform in which businesses of all sizes can collaborate with a team of top freelancers to complete a complex project in one convenient location. Put simply, Zyclos quickly and easily connects companies with the trained, certified professionals they need to take their businesses to higher levels.
meeting the needs of outsourcers Zyclos understands that running a successful business often means being engaged in projects which require the services of a variety of different professionals. In the past, this meant taking the time to hire each person individually and coordinating the project yourself

With its technologically advanced platform, Zyclos reduces your time involvement and effort output with the world's first-ever full service site that allows you to quickly and easily pick a team of qualified individuals who will work on your project together. This allows you to get more done in less time with a lower cost.
[icon] raising the bar for freelancers Nowadays, anyone can call themselves a freelancer, making it difficult to decipher between top quality professionals and shams. Zyclos solves this problem by offering only the best freelancers in the industry, providing them with direct access to materials and mentors via their highly esteemed Academy and Marketplace, establishing a never seen before standardized level of training.

Freelancers who have earned their certification through the Zyclos Academy have the ability to greatly increase their income as they've proven their mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their field. With immediate access to other top leaders in their industry, they can always get their questions answered by people who "know."
[icon] embracing the power of referral business network As a freelancer on Zyclos, you can earn discounts on the programs and services offered simply by referring your hardest working colleagues to the Zyclos Academy and Marketplace. Additionally, you can also join the Referral Business Network and become a Zyclos Entrepreneur, earning commission based on your teams’ referral performance levels.

With Zyclos, companies and freelancers have direct access to the very platform and technology necessary to raise them to higher levels. This platform meets the needs of all parties involved, providing the likelihood of greater success - and greater profits!
[icon] contact us 200 S.Virginia, 8th floor, Reno, NV, 89501, USA. Our corporate telephone number is: +1 (888) 660-1664
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