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a changing trend

While traditionally most freelancers are hired by small and medium enterprises, this is changing as "more than 80 percent of large corporations plan to substantially increase their use of a flexible workforce in coming years." (Intuit 2020 Report)

the good news and
the bad news
The good news is that the number of freelance careers will increase and “In the U.S. alone, contingent workers will exceed 40 percent of the workforce by 2020” (Intuit 2020 Report). The bad news is that you will be competing on a global scale with technical graduates, business school graduates, and former corporate executives, which means that you need to gain an advantage in order to succeed.
do you have the skills to compete? Large corporations often require different skillsets than small to medium enterprises (SME), creating more of a focus on collaboration, communication, project management, sales, marketing, and many other skills, in addition to knowledge and experience in your core expertise. Therefore, acquiring these skills is a must if you want to rise above your competition.
get hired for the highest paying freelancing jobs Outsourcers prefer freelancers with a higher level of education, more experience, a large client base, social proof, and 5-star client reviews. Certification with Zyclos Academy gives you these advantages as you will learn the business skills required to run your business, effectively communicate with clients, and efficiently complete projects.
zyclos academy is endorsed by higher education Zyclos Academy is endorsed and supported by leading experts in Distance Learning, SMC University, which offers MBA and DBA programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and is a member of the European Council of Business Education.
zyclos certification programs Zyclos offers business certification for freelancers at all levels and from every discipline. Whether you are a designer, writer, developer, translator, musician, video producer, photographer, or in any other freelance profession, you will be able to reach your full potential when you become a Certified Professional Freelancer and a Certified Business Freelancer.
freelancing decoded Freelancing Decoded is a monthly modular self-study online practical business development training program, that earns you your certification once completed.


certified professional freelancer (cpf) The first 12 months of Freelancing Decoded lead you toward your Professional Freelancer certification. During this time, you will learn how to:
  • Plan, set up, and launch your freelancing career
  • Master the art of sales and marketing
  • Consistently be awarded jobs, one after the other
  • Effectively manage your projects
freelancing premium advantage

Freelancing Premium Advantage is a monthly subscription exclusively available only to Freelancing Decoded members. It serves as a virtual community center for professional freelancers, some of which run multi-million dollar freelancing businesses, allowing you to reach out to them quickly and easily.

It gives you the opportunity to discover uncensored secrets from these successful freelancers LIVE via live online events or through the Insiders Forum. Every month you will virtually meet a top freelancing expert in various aspects of your business, like pricing, LinkedIn prospecting, social marketing, and more. You will also be given the chance to ask them questions during and after events. And if you missed the live broadcast or you want to watch it again, you always have access the recording at any time.

Freelancing Premium Advantage also includes a subscription to our online magazine with the latest news, updates, and tools in the freelancing profession, from mobile applications to new marketing systems.
certified business freelancer (cbf) The second 12 months of Freelance Decoded lead you toward your Business Freelancer certification. While the Certified Professional Freelancer certification focuses on developing your skillset as a solo freelancer, this next level will prepare you for global enterprise. With it, you will learn how to:
  • Build and develop your own international freelancing team
  • Offer your services to major corporations
  • Deliver large-scale, cross-disciplinary projects
enjoy alumni advantages Once you earn your certification, you can participate in events, develop new relationships, network internationally, meet locally, and provide or obtain internships with other Zyclos Academy alumni.
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