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[icon] the spirit of entrepreneurship Freelancing is always a close kin to entrepreneurship, sharing a spirit of independence and self-sufficiency.
[icon] zyclos entrepreneurs Zyclos promotes its services to freelancers through a Referral Business Network of independent affiliates called Entrepreneurs who seek out and enroll other freelancers to the Zyclos Marketplace, the Academy, or both.
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entrepreneur program
The Zyclos Entrepreneur Program targets business-oriented individuals who are capable of building teams of affiliates. These are leaders who are rewarded by a compensation system that provides increasing monthly returns as their growing teams refer more freelancers to Zyclos Academy and Marketplace.
[icon] zyclos entrepreneurs' role Zyclos Entrepreneurs show other freelancers the possibilities that exist with Zyclos. Many Entrepreneurs are already freelancers themselves, intimately recognizing the benefits of this type of career, and easily exciting others about it as well.
[icon] maximum collaboration Freelancing can be the loneliest profession on Earth but Zyclos Entrepreneur Program changes that as you work within a team of other top quality freelancers.
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and entrepreneurship -
the perfect match
[icon] supplement your earnings Zyclos Entrepreneurship Program offers extra income in addition to your freelance earnings.
[icon] master sales and marketing As a Zyclos Entrepreneur, you will be coached by master marketers and learn sales secrets that will help you not only develop your referrals, but also boost your freelancing business.
[icon] extend your portfolio Augment your freelancing core expertise with entrepreneurship competencies.
[icon] lead teams Mirror the recruitment, training, management, and leadership of entrepreneur teams into collaborative freelancing.
[icon] expand internationally Zyclos Entrepreneur Program is an international Referral Business Network that opens you to new horizons of developing business endeavors around the globe.
[icon] exploit a state of the art marketing system Have access to an advanced integrated marketing system that will enable you to convert prospects into loyal buyers and track performance.
[icon] utilize cutting edge business tools Take advantage of social media promotion, web marketing, and various other communication tools to help you grow your business.
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